Personalized Video Landing Pages

Achieve 3X Conversions With Personalized Video Landing Pages

Connect Users Emotionally With Curated Pages


Landing Page Personalization

Customized From Soup to Nuts

Customize all the assets in your page the way you want it! Add your own logo, theme, and custom domain to enhance your brand identity. Customize your CTA buttons to improve conversions and click-through rates.

Send personalized video landing pages

Send customized video landing pages

Hyper Personalized Pages

Style Your Video and Page with Personalization

Connect with your audience by personalizing your page, video thumbnail, Fav Icon and page title. Help your audience reach faster by integrating with Drift, Intercom, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Send customized video landing pages

Publish pages online

Share Your Page with the World

Share your customized landing page via social media, slack channels or run a personalized email campaign. Enable privacy option to limit the views with anyone who opens the page with the link.