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Free Screen Recorder to Capture Every Detail on Video

Capture & send minute details now with Hippo Video

7-day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required

Video Recorder for Screen Capture

Breeze through your Video Screen Captures with Hippo Video

Seamless screen recorder and screen capture tool with videos in HD quality.

Video Recorder for Screen CaptureVideo Recorder for Screen Capture
Screen Recorder with No Watermark

Screen Recorder with No Watermark

Record Screen Captures with NO Watermark

Record videos to then edit them and then to send them with zero watermarks on the video.

Screen Recorder with No Watermark

Move One Step Forward From The Rest With Videos


7-day Free Trial. No credit card required.

Screen Recording Tool

Highlight with Tools While You Screen Record

Highlight clicks, focus, edit, erase, pause and play while you screen record to communicate easily.

Screen Recording ToolScreen Recording ToolScreen Recording ToolScreen Recording ToolScreen Recording Tool

Video Screen Capture Online Software

Share Screen Capture Videos As You Like - Links, Email

Hippo Video hosts your screen recording and lets you share screen captures seamlessly with a link, on email or on social media.

Screen Recorder with Audio

Record Screen Videos Anywhere

Seamless screen records are now possible on any device - be it your PC, Windows Laptop or a Mac.

Screen Recorder with AudioScreen Recorder with Audio

Lives within your Chrome. No bulky software download required.

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Screen recorded videos during the 7-day Free trial come with no watermark or end-card. Post Free Trial, videos have an end-card of Hippo Video but no watermark during the video. For any paid plan of Hippo Video, video recordings do not contain a watermark or an end-card.

All your videos are recorded and hosted on Hippo Video platform on cloud. Screen recording on Mac or Windows or PC does not make a difference in terms of settings or quality of videos. With Hippo Video you can record from anywhere or from any device - be it Mac, Windows or a PC.

Yes, screen recording with webcam narration simultaneously is possible with Hippo Video. While starting the recording, select both screen record & Webcam in Chrome Extension to enable this option. Screen recording with Webcam narration is a great option to explain while you show anything on Powerpoint, Word, or any other documents